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Abiontec limited makes it easy to obtain training to enhance your current skill set and to help you meet and exceed your career goals.  Our top-notch workshops and home-study courses provide you with research-based professional instruction and resources you can use immediately with your clients. 


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 Enroll in a live workshop, take a series of home-study courses, or do a combination of both.  Whether studying on your own, or with a group of colleagues (at discounted rates), our training has the flexibility to meet your needs.

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Come on one of our courses and you can be confident of our tutors’ training skills. Not only do they develop and continually refine the courses, which means they know the material inside out, but they also use accelerated learning techniques.

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Our tutors are experts in their fields. Together, they have decades of industry and specialist subject experience having implemented the standards themselves. They know and understand the challenges you’re most likely to face, so can suggest the best and most effective ways to help you overcome them.